Portfolio Case Study

Art Penley Studios

Project Description

Another unusual project. This time it’s personal. Art Penley Studios is a personal website I designed and built for my audio production business. I have produced music for over 15 years and recently decided to offer my services to games developers. The site has a single screen (no scroll) design, so all of the modules fit neatly on the screen regardless of screen size and it scales up indefinitely. It works using aspect ratio media queries that can tell roughly the shape of you screen and respond accordingly. 

The site also contains a custom javascript audio player that pulls in audio via the Soundcloud API.

Technology Used

  • illustrator-logo
  • html5-web-developer-02
  • css3-front-end-developer-freelancing-02
  • js-javascript-web-skilled-developer-02
  • jquery-development-javascript-agency-02

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